Impish Grin uses only professional water-based makeup, easily removed

with soap and water or baby wipes. Our shimmers and 

glitters are cosmetic grade

and specifically designed for use‚Äč on skin. We are experienced, reliable, (see testimonials) and insured.

Professional face painting for private and corporate events.

face art

"Impish Grin transforms our event...sprinkling tigers, butterflies and fairies throughout the crowd. Pictures with their clients are my favorites to use when showing off the look and feel of the Earth Day Festival."

 -Cassandra Hage

 Executive Director, St. Louis Earth Day

We supply our own 

directors chairs, artist tables and design boards. The only thing you need to supply 

is a small space for set up 

and adequate lighting. You decide which design choices  are best for your event: 

full face, medium or

small/quick designs. 

Painting is our passion. Our goal is to give your guests a fabulous painting, and an experience that will last 

long after the make up

has been removed. 

Our whimsical designs and friendly manner have 

delighted thousands of clients of all ages since 2006.